Bike rental in Saint Petersburg Russia.

Bicycles were invented a long time ago, they are very popular, convenient, fast. In some countries such as Sweden and Holland, most people can’t even imagine their life without this transport. So, why bikes are so popular in Europe, and its rental is very popular among tourists?

On one hand, bike rental is the most convenient means of travel through the small streets of old cities such as Amsterdam, Prague, etc. Then, it is good for health, and harmless for the environment. Thirdly, a bicycle is the best way to avoid traffic jams or the only way to get there, where roads are closed for cars. That is why bike rental is great for those tourists who have a few days and a great desire to see a lot. This is especially good for such cities as St. Petersburg.

Now you have only to find a bike rental in St. Petersburg, decide where you want to go and what to see. In the northern capital of Russia, despite the large number of sites is not very much has been done for a comfortable travel by bicycle, but it does not prevent every spring for many citizens to sit on a bike and ride all day and night. Following the European tradition, RENTBIKE offers to rent a bicycle for an hour, day or week and explore fully all of St. Petersburg.


When you are renting a bike, RENTBIKE will ask you just to pay attention to the rules that must be followed for safe movement around the city:
1. We recommend to use a sidewalk while riding on a big streets. There are no bicycle lanes in the city.
2. Making a turn always show either left or right hand direction of your maneuver.
3. We recommend to use small streets, while riding a rented bike. Traffic is not so intensive as on big ones and they often come parallel to big streets.
4. In the evening to ride a bicycle we recommend the use of reflective clothing.
5. We recommend you to follow the route on the RENTBIKE map, but if it does not coincide with your own way, we'll show you the most convenient and safe way.


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